The team of the SFB Q-M&S consists of the projects part leaders (PIs of P1-P11), the PhD students and postdocs hired by the SFB Q-M&S, the associated reasearchers employed by the host institutions as well as the administrative coordinator.


  • The consortium of the SFB Q-M&S consists of the coordinator (PI of P1) and ten leaders of scientific projects parts (PIs of P2-P11).
  • The executive board (EB) consists of all project part leaders (PIs of P1-P11) and one representative each of the PhD students and the postdocs hired by the SFB Q-M&S.
  • The international advisory board (IAB) consists of five internationally renowned scientists elected by the EB.

Task forces

The SFB Q-M&S has three task forces:

  • Training & Outreach lead by Maksym Serbyn (P11, ISTA)
  • Gender & Work-Life Balance lead by Kimberly Modic (P8, ISTA)
  • Open Access & Responsible Research lead by Fakher Assaad (P3, Univ. Würzburg)

Scientific thrusts

We have identified three focus areas in quantum materials – quantum criticality, correlation-driven topology, and unconventional superconductivity – that relate to three topics highly pertinent to quantum computation and information: entanglement, topological protection, and Majorana bound states. They define three scientifc thrusts of the SFB Q-M&S:

  • Thrust 1: Quantum criticality and entanglement lead by Karsten Held (P5, TU Wien)
  • Thrust 2: Correlated topology and topological protection lead by Andrew Higginbotham (P6, ISTA) until January 2024 and afterwards by Fakher Assaad (P3, Univ. Würzburg)
  • Thrust 3: Unconventional superconductivity and Majorana bound states lead by Georgios Katsaros (P7, ISTA)


Ramon Aguado, CSIC, Madrid
Wolfgang Belzig, University of Konstanz
Szabolcs Csonka, BME, Budapest
Christian Enss, Heidelberg University, European Microkelvin Platform
Johannes Fink, Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Rebecca Flint, Iowa State University, Ames
Tarun Grover, University of California, San Diego
Seyen M. Koohpayeh, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Alex Levchenko, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Graeme Luke, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
Douglas Natelson, Rice University, Houston
Jed H. Pixley, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Philip Walther, University of Vienna, beyondC