• 23.-27.09.2024 - Summer School 2024

    The annual summer school on Correlated Quantum Materials & Solid State Quantum Systems is part of the training program of the SFB Q-M&S. Like the first one, the Summer School 2024 will focus on selected topics of the SFB Q-M&S.

27.02.2024 – George Jackeli, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Spin-Orbit Entangled Quantum Materials: from Unusual Order to Liquid States
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19.02.2024 – Erik Koch, FZ Juelich/RWTH Aachen
How functional averaging of spectra gives rise to Maximum-Rényi-Entropy principles

  • 14.-17.02.2024 - 1st SFB Q-M&S Retreat

    The retreat is an annual scientific meeting for the SFB Q-M&S team. It will feature talks from each project part and poster sessions. Ample time will be left for discussions as well as social activities. The goal is to generate new ideas, to initiate new collaborations and to consolidate the ongoing ones.

17.01.2024 – Martin Braß, TU Wien
Weyl-nodes and electronic correlations in Ce3Bi4Pd3


13.11.2023 – Philip Moll, Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter
Correlated Order at the Tipping Point in the Kagome Metal CsV3Sb5 P.J.W. Moll

09.11.2023 – Arkady Shekhter, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Multi-flavor quantum criticality

06.11.2023 – Markus Heyl, University of Augsburg
Solving 2D Quantum Matter With Neural Quantum States

25.10.2023 – Gregory Polshyn, Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA)
Orbital Chern insulators at integer and half-integer fillings of a moiré superlattice

  • 02.-06.10.2023 - Summer School 2023

    The Summer School 2023 on Correlated Quantum Materials & Solid State Quantum Systems is part of the training program of the SFB Q-M&S. It will consist of both tutorials on selected topics of the SFB Q-M&S and soft skills training (SFB juniors only), lab tours at ISTA, individual discussions, a poster session, and a hike to a local wine tavern. The school is primarily designed to train the SFB’s PhD students and postdocs, but it is also open to other researchers.
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Summer School 2023
Questions from the audience
Joseph Checkelsky
Questions from the audience
Silke Bühler-Paschen
Douglas Natelson
Nandini Trivedi
Questions from the audience
Fakher Assaad
Natasha Holmes
Soft skills training with Michael Traindt
Lab tour Modic
Lab tour Modic
Lab tour Modic
Soft skills training with Julia Baumeister

02.08.2023 – Vadim Oganesyan, The City University of New York
Ordered phases of non-unitary Floquet quantum matter

21.07.2023 – Gang Li, Shanghai Tech
Correlated flat bands in a pristine solid and the cluster Mott insulating state

19.07.2023 – Fangyuan Yang, UC Santa Barbara
Investigating thermodynamic properties of correlated electronic phases in graphene

28.06.2023 – Riccardo Comin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fermiology of the 2D Kagome Lattice

22.03.2023 – Joseph G. Checkelsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Flat Bands and Correlated Metallic States in Kagome Metals

  • 22.-23.02.2023 - Kick-Off

    The 1st Symposium on Correlated Quantum Materials & Solid State Quantum Systems is the kick-off event of the SFB Q-M&S. It features keynote and invited talks, short presentations of the 10 PIs of the SFB, and flash presentations by some of their team members including ample time for discussion to engage in fruitful dialogue and build bridges between disciplines.

Jedediah Pixley
Claudia Felser
Alexander Brinkman
Wolfgang Belzig
Georgios Katsaros
Andrew Higginbotham
Maksym Serbyn
Kimberly Modic
Fakher Assaad
Neven Barišić
Zhanybek Alpichshev
Silke Bühler-Paschen
SFB Q-M&S Juniors
Norbert Schuch
Philip Walther

01.02.2023 – Qimiao Si, Rice University
Gapless Topology and Electron Correlations


06.05.2022 – Pre Kick-Off
Pre Kick-Off of the SFB Q-M&S